Hello World! & Welcome to my saltwater aquarium blog.

Picture of coral frag tanks.

Coral frag tanks in my old store.

Welcome to my new blog about saltwater aquariums. Herein you will find information pertaining to owning a saltwater aquarium the easier way. I say easier because it isn’t exactly easy, but can be if you follow some simple steps.

My book, Saltwater Fish and Reef Tanks – From Beginner to Expert, discusses the many ways one can easily own a saltwater tank full of beautiful and healthy fish, coral, and invertebrates (actually, coral are invertebrates, but who’s asking?).

I’ll be including guides for personal aquariums as well as guides for opening your own store. It seems I get almost as many questions about opening a store as I get about running a tank at home.

You’ll likely find posts about acclimation, husbandry, coral fragging, tank setup, equipment, water parameters, buying livestock, selling livestock, and moving tanks from one place to another without killing the inhabitants.

Without further to do, I’ll be off to start working on the development of this site. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to a continued relationship. If you have any questions, please shoot them over or place them in the comments below.